Randy Moon
Business Consultant

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Randy brings over 22 years of management experience to your business. He has owned and run small businesses. He has worked in medium size companies (Tradesmen International, International Profit Associates) and in large companies (FedEx). He has been a change catalyst and special projects person, always hand-chosen to rise from his regular job to tackle new and emerging problems in other areas of the company. He has opened new markets and branch stores and taught General Managers how to build and grow their companies.

Randy found his niche working with smaller businesses ($100,000 to $20 mil in annual sales) helping them overcome the problems that all small businesses have, increasing sales, and creating stability, growth and positive change.


With a $2.5 mil HVAC company near State College, PA, Randy helped turn a $20,000 dollar a month loss into a $40,000 dollar a month gain in just 2 short months. It took 3 basic things to accomplish this:

  1. Proper pricing on service calls and installation estimates

  2. Reducing overhead (we didnt need 9 office people)

  3. Quick Cycled their billing process, uncovering slow billing and missing or lost invoices for work completed.

At a $7 mil union concrete contractor in St. Louis, MO, Randy installed better estimating methods, an incentive plan, and initiated productivity gains, netting the owners over $700 thousand dollars in bottom line profits over the next two years. Six months after the project started, the owner handed out over $100,000 in incentives spread over 32 employees. They had a great Christmas!

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Jerry L. Llewellyn
Business Consultant

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Jerry has more than 30 years of successful consulting experience assisting key corporate executives and business owners to create new revenue opportunities, reduce costs and gain mastery over essentials.

His records include:

  • Full general management responsibilities for $25 million in operations.

  • Developed a start-up business from $0 revenue to $10,000,000 in sales in two years, with an annualized $2,000,000 in pretax net profit.

  • Developed high quality seminars on sales, management and supervision, labor relations and employee relations, on local, regional, and national levels.

  • Assisted CEOs in driving successful businesses, whether overseeing 8 people or 8,000.

In leading consulting projects in manufacturing, engineering, the trades, the service industry, and health care since 1995, he has:

  • Developed the plan and hired the team that took a defunct operation from $0 to $20,000,000 sales and 8.4% net margin in its first year; 16.9% in its third year.

  • Redirected a company's marketing efforts, increasing sales by 77%.

  • Revised a company's estimating and job costing procedures, capturing all costs and expanding profitability by 24.7%.

  • Made $50,000 for a client in the first four hours of consultation.

  • Prevented an imminent management team mutiny and created high levels of owner and employee satisfaction by successfully realigning the firm's organizational structure.

  • Turned around a company's nine-year run of breakeven or below to 79% growth, 15% profitability in one year.

  • Led the takeover team that hired 500 people in six weeks.


Los Angeles Small Business Consultants Randy Moon and Jerry L. Llewellyn

Small business consultant Randy Moon has 22 years experience focusing on business management, development and strategic planning.  Jerry Llewellyn has more than 30 years of successful consulting experience.

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