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"Last year we basically broke even...This year using the initiatives developed by you we expect a 72% annual revenue increase with over 15% net profit when we close out next month!"

-Roger Blaine, President,
Blaine Heating & Air

"Hoette Concrete has changed, is changing and will continue to move forward to be a stronger, quality competitor in the St. Louis market for many years to come because of the efforts of Amera Consulting. Randy has all of the employees believing in their role in the company and happy to be a part of Hoette's new beginning."

-Joe Hoette, President
Hoette Concrete

"I'm finally able to see the possibility of a personal life again. Not only that, every employee has blossomed and responded to the new challenges enthusiastically... I have never seen them happier. I can't thank you enough for giving me, my company, and these employees that I care deeply about these new opportunities."

-Mark Walsh, President & CEO,
Rogue Engineering


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Companies that ultimately succeed
don't run scared during bad times.

They don't panic.
They look for the opportunity that is always out there.
They act on it.
While everyone else complains and runs the other way, they move steadily towards their goals; like Warren Buffet who put $$billions into Goldman Sachs and GE when everyone else was pulling out. Now what does Mr. Buffet know? Well, he probably knows a lot more than you and me but he doesn't know what the market will do. No one does.

But he takes the long term view (You should too unless you plan to sell your company next year).  

He has a plan. So should you.
He cuts his losses in other losing areas. So should you.
He trims the fat of non-productive employees or departments. So should you.
He's not afraid to cut his losses. Neither should you be. Why work for something that isn't working for you or your company?

RMoon Consulting has helped many companies through hard times. We take an active role in tough, cutting decisions. We have creative ideas to find new sales, to cut costs, to improve productivity. Now is not the time to run and hide. Some companies are still growing. Why can't yours? There's hard work to be done. Let us help you with it.

There's no risk and no cost to find out if we can. Contact Us:
1-800-571-7047 or

If you're ready for change, if you want to stop working insane hours, if you want more family time, if you'd like to see your retirement more clearly, and increase the value of your company, then call now or send us an e-mail. If you need more reassurance, then:

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* Our guarantee provides that at the end of one year from the engagement's end, you will have made an additional net profit (ROI) of at least twice the costs of our consulting engagement provided that all programs and plans implemented have been followed by the company. If this profit is not made and plans have been followed, we will come back at our own time and expense and work with the company until you are satisfied that you have received your money's worth. Randy Moon & Jerry Llewellyn are small business consultants in Los Angeles, CA. Business Services include: business management, development, process, strategy, planning, growth, success, business plan/model, start-up, family business consulting, executive coaching and more.

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